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While quality SEO will almost always deliver the highest return on investment of all online marketing channels, Paid Search is a highly effective method of driving high-quality traffic to your website.


The main benefits of working with Webtek Interactive are:

Fixed Rate Pricing – Start at $500 a month.

Free Account Review & Market Analysis.

Google Premier Partner Agency: Accredited and Highly Experienced.

$100 AdWords Advertising Voucher for New Accounts

No Client is Too Big or Too Small

No Setup Fees – No Contracts


Below are the steps we follow for campaigns creation & optimization. This strategy can be customized, based on client’s goals & current campaign performance.

Keyword Research to find relevant phrases with a good volume of searches at the lowest CPC (cost per click).

– Starting with Client’s input of their known competitors, we research their ads, keywords (kw), spending…
– Based on your products/services, we analyze the advertisers running paid ads (on product/service specific keywords) & then search for those advertisers’ spending/kws/ads, using SEM Rush software.
– We also do additional kw research or domain name research and use SEM Rush for more info about the advertisers running ads, on what kws etc…

We create highly themed adgroups in which every keyword will represent ad copy for each adgroup.

We add negative keywords to get highly relevant traffic & improve CTR (click through rate).Ad Copy We start the campaigns with at least 3 ad versions in each adgroup with different Unique Selling Points (features, benefits, etc), as we won’t know what ads will work best until we test.

– Campaign Optimization: To increase conversion rate at lowest CPA (cost per acquisition).

– Quality Score & Bid Optimization: To lower your CPA.
– Budget Optimization: We create a number of new campaigns based on client’s goals, account budget & targeted geo locations.
– Keyword Optimization: We add keywords which generate highly relevant traffic for your website and goals. We can have keywords in different match types like phrase, exact, broad or broad modifier.

We give recommendations on landing page design, offer, content, etc to improve Conversion Rates and Quality Scores Add Sitelink, Location & Phone Number to get better CTR & conversion.

We send weekly reports of account performance, including weekly performance summary, campaign summaries, Google analytics data, work completed, & going forward plan.


Paid Search Areas of Specialization:

– Keyword Research

– Conversion Optimization

– Remarketing Setup & optimization

– Landing Page Optimization/Usability

– A/B Testing for Landing Pages

– Ad Testing

– Bid Optimization

– Ad Text Creation & Testing

– Youtube Remarketing Setup & Optimization

– Google Shopping (Product Listing Ads) Setup & Optimization

– Bing Adcenter campaigns setup/Optimization

– Bing Shopping Setup/Optimization

– Amazon / Perfect Audience / Adroll / Facebook / LinkedIn / Twitter Marketing setup and optimization

– Planning, Prompt Communication, Strategy


Google Analytics Expertise:

We can set up cross-domain tracking for you and create Goals and funnels to check the usability of web pages through the final check out page or form submission page.

– Goal set up, to show how many leads/ sales were generated by channel/source

– Filter set up, to segment traffic from a particular source

– Funnel setting and visualization, to understand abandoned sales pages

– E-commerce tracking set up and revenue calculation

– Event tracking to see how many people click on a given link, button, etc

– Multiple domain and cross-domain tracking set up

– Paid traffic( Google adwords/Bing ads) tracking in Google analytics

– Create custom dashboard & reports according to needs.

Webtek Interactive has a Certified Google Adwords Professional on staff.



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