Case Study

Olympic Eyewear is a wholesale sunglass retailer who offers

high-quality products at low prices.


Our Mission: Increase online sales through organic and paid channels despite a rise in competition.

As an international E-Commerce retailer, Olympic Eyewear is up against fierce competition from companies like Amazon. In order to compete, Olympic’s website needs to be fully optimized for SEO with multiple active paid media campaigns.







Olympic Eyewear’s top priority is Ranking #1 for “wholesale sunglasses”. To reach and maintain this spot, our team focused on on-page optimization, link building, and constant competitor auditing. To support the e-commerce SEO services, we ran display ads, search ads, and shopping ads through both Google and Bing.

“WebTek is the best, and we’ve worked with local and nation-wide agencies of all different sizes.”


– German Leikin, President

What’s Your Favorite Part Of Working With WebTek? 

Aside from being professional and knowing exactly what they’re doing, they’re transparent. Their reports are way superior to anyone that we’ve worked with in the past, and we’ve been in the industry for more than fifteen years. I guess this is the main thing.

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What’s Your Name and Title? My name is German Leikin I work with Neva Enterprises Olympic Eyewear. I am president and owner of the company.


How Long Have You Been Working With WebTek?

I’ve been working with WebTek for around three years, since 2017.


How Has WebTek Helped Your Company?

As a customer, we need to know what has been accomplished each month, not just seeing the metrics. That helps a lot. Since our industry is becoming more and more challenging, a lot more companies are going into e-commerce and wholesale over the last three to five years, WebTek helped us tackle that challenge.


Do You Trust WebTek with your Digital Marketing?

We trust WebTek, especially during our busy seasons when we have all hands on deck fulfilling orders, working with customers, every time we get into spring and summer. Mainly WebTek has four to five months doing what they do best on their own without any close supervision. For two years, for two summer seasons we’ve been pretty much trusting them and they’ve been accomplishing that for us.


How Does WebTek Compare to Other Agencies?

So working with more than five companies over the past fifteen years, WebTek is the best, and we’ve worked with local and nation-wide companies of all different sizes. It’s a really small boutique operation that suites our needs very well.


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Increased Organic Traffic

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Keyword Rank Increase
on Google

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Decrease in Cost
Per Conversion

Not only did we achieve Olympic Eyewear’s goal of Ranking #1 for “Wholesale Sunglasses”, but we have been maintaining the position for several months. Our SEO efforts have also brought in 68% More Visitors from organic channels and 89% More Keyword Rankings. Our constant monitoring of PPC campaigns has helped Drop Cost Per Conversion 44% while continuing to grow conversions.


Our products are similar to high-end designer sunglasses in quality but available at discounted prices.

In over more than a decade in business, we have taken an innovative approach to selling wholesale sunglasses that has made us one of the top distributors in the U.S.

“We offer wholesale sunglasses at some of the best prices you will find anywhere, with extensive selection in the styles you want.”

–  Olympic


Utah Office
132 S. State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Texas Office
501 Congress Ave., Suite 150
Austin, Texas 78701