Legal Marketing Services

While there may be some who frown on marketing within the legal sector, we know that the facts speak for themselves. Today’s consumers are more likely than ever before to search for lawyers online. Even when prospective clients are referred to a lawyer by word-of-mouth, they are still likely to do a Google search before actually contacting the lawyer.


There is no longer any doubt about how important it is for law offices and individual attorneys to engage in digital law marketing. The failure to get on board amounts to a willingness to fall behind. In the highly competitive legal sector, falling behind is not an option. Indeed, it is a recipe for failure.

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hire the first attorney that they contact.
of people seeking legal advice use a search engine.
of consumers visit a law firm’s website to take action.

How Webtek Can Help


Webtek Interactive is an SEO and digital marketing firm with decades of proven experience in digital marketing, SEO, e-mail marketing, web analytics, and more. We can put our skills and knowledge to work for your law firm, raising its visibility online and driving more clients to your site. We can deploy a variety of strategies to transform those visitors into paying clients.

We do what we do through an extensive list of strategies, including:

  • attorney search engine marketing
  • link building for law firms
  • PPC services for lawyers
  • on- and offsite content development
  • social media integration
  • targeted e-mail campaigns.

What we do for our legal sector clients transcends mere law marketing online. We take a holistic approach that looks at every opportunity to strengthen the client’s online reputation so as to improve search engine results and conversion optimization.

Dominate Your Field


Our mission is to help you build trust and dominate your particular field of law. Our digital marketing and SEO strategies for the legal sector are designed to ensure that you have more qualified leads to pursue and more clients ready to sign on with your firm.


Here at Webtek, we are seasoned experts with over 40 years of combined experience between our two founders. How can we help your law firm?

Marketing for Attorneys and Law Firms


General concepts of digital marketing change very little from one sector to the next. However, marketing for attorneys and law firms is more highly specialized due to the nature of the industry. To succeed online, law firms need specialized SEO that targets a particular clientele.


What areas of law does your firm specialize in? Those are the areas we would target via PPC services and link building. If your firm specializes in personal injury for example, we will target the personal injury client base by focusing on related keywords and advertisements. We will develop on- and offsite content that deals with the kinds of topics that personal injury clients are interested in.

Data Analytics


A big part of our SEO marketing for law firms is data analytics. It’s one thing to create content and push certain keywords and phrases. It is an entirely different matter to track the results of a client’s digital marketing campaigns. By taking advantage of data analytics, we are able to track every critical aspect of every marketing strategy we undertake.


We turn that data into actionable strategies for improving both current and future marketing efforts. Like a good attorney, we leave nothing to chance. We collect the data, analyze it, and allow it to drive subsequent decisions. To make a comparison, the data is our evidence while white hat SEO practices are the law. We combine both to give our law sector clients the win.