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Alsco is the pioneer of uniform and linen rental services and promotes cleanliness, hygiene, and safety in the workplace.


Our Mission: Increase relevant website traffic and online brand visibility.

As an international enterprise company, Alsco faces steep competition and is vulnerable to search volatility. Their website needs to rank for keywords in many different categories in order to gain visibility and appeal to users.







Our enterprise SEO strategy for Alsco was centered around Widening Keyword Reach. This meant creating new pages based on keyword research and constantly Optimizing Paid Search Campaigns. It also involved heavy link-building efforts to create Relevant Backlinks from trustworthy websites.

“We look at WebTek as more of a partner to Alsco rather than just an SEO agency.”


– Liz Herkimer, Alsco

How Has WebTek Helped Your Company?

WebTek has definitely helped us grow our brand. Before them, we were basically doing nothing with digital at all, so they were our big first step into getting our name out there on the internet.

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What’s Your Name and Title?

My name is Liz Herkimer and I’m a digital marketing manager.

How Has Your Experience With WebTek Been?

I’ve very much enjoyed working with everyone at WebTek. They’re all very easy to get ahold of and easy to have conversations with. They’re obviously industry experts in all the different channels. Whether it be through SEO or help with our email campaigns or a PPC audit, they kind of fill up the spectrum of digital marketing.

What’s Your Favorite Part Of Working With WebTek?

I think one thing that stands out is they really tried to learn our industry, which is something a lot of people don’t think about or it’s kind of in the background of people’s mind. They’ve put a lot of effort into learning about us and how to make us seem important in the consumers’ eyes.

How Does WebTek Compare to Other Agencies?

We definitely can trust WebTek. I think we look at them as more of a partner to Alsco rather than just an SEO agency.


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Increased Organic Traffic

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Keyword Rank Increase
on Google

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Increased Referring Domains

We have seen Organic Traffic Nearly Double since we began working with Alsco. We have also seen Keyword Rankings Increase 5,400 Positions on Google alone. Since Alsco is a very well-known brand, they had a robust backlink profile when we started this project. Even with this existing profile, we managed to Increase Referring Domains by 85%.


Alsco workwear uniform services ensure the professional and functional clothing your workplace deserves.

At Alsco, we’ve been providing professional textile rental services since 1889. Whatever your industry, Alsco helps you promote your image, cleanliness, hygiene, and safety in the workplace to your customers.

“Nothing demonstrates professionalism and corporate identity to your customers like seeing employees in uniforms.”

– Alsco


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132 S. State Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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